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As the story goes, Sir John Suckling, a 17th century cavalier, a jolly-feller-of-sorts English poet, is considered the 'inventor of cribbage'. The popularity of this game has been well documented, from wartime military personnel to pub-goers, people large and small have enjoyed the camaraderie of the game!

Now, with Gamefeller cribbage boards, you have an opportunity to personalize your very own board with your most-treasured digital images. Select 1 of 2 boards and begin building a board you'll treasure for generations to come!

Designing your cribbage board...If you prefer, you may send us an e-mail ( with your digital images and design ideas.  We'll build you a digital proof and e-mail it to you.  Once approved by you, we'll move to print and finish your personalized cribbage board!!  OR, you may proceed with designing your very own via our design studio...see below.

Please keep in-mind, Gamefeller, LLC is not authorized to use trademarked logos, unless provided written consent, in the production of their personalized cornhole boards.

Our standard 2-player board is made from ¾" cabinet grade maple. Dimensions include 14" x 6".  Sale Price: $90.  Includes finished board and design, 6-pegs, and a deck of cards.


Build your Standard 2-Player Cribbage Board

Our paddle 2-4 player board is made from ¾" cabinet grade maple. Dimensions include 32" x 5".  Sale Price: $126.  Includes finished board and design, 12-pegs, and a deck of cards.


Build your Paddle Cribbage Board