Here at Gamefeller®, it’s all about play! From residential back yards to major event stadiums, we’ve made it a point to offer moments where men, women and children of all ages can congregate and play this great game we call cornhole!

In our case, it started back in February 2012. We started collecting pictures of my late wife, Jen, and our family and creating a set of cornhole boards that highlighted our lives. Each and every time we get these boards out to play, we are reminded of all those great times. Emilee and Josh’s birth moments. Our trips up-north. For us, this was the start of Gamefeller.

Over 10 years later, our focus on creating authentic works has remained as strong as day one! It’s about family. It’s about remembering those we’ve lost way too soon. It’s about bringing people together. It’s about having fun.

We are humbled with the tremendous support of our faithful customers, who we call our Gamefeller Family. Thank you. Excited to see where these next 10 years take us!! Matt.