Various GamefellerĀ® products are crafted from wood. Wood is a natural product, so when exposed to moisture and changes in temperature and humidity, it reacts in a number of different ways. Proper maintenance of these wood products will provide a long life over many years in a variety of weather environments. We’ve taken the time to apply multiple layers of a conversion varnish to provide as much protection as humanly possible from the outdoor elements. Even with this protection, over time, if your wood products are left outdoors and consistently exposed to the outdoor elements, their expected life span will certainly be shortened, i.e. warping, discoloration, or rot. Here are some suggestions for you to care for and maintain your recent wood purchase(s):

  • When not in-use, store wood products in-doors, away from the outdoor elements. We highly recommend, if storing the wood products in a garage, for example, place a blanket or a piece of cardboard (some form of barrier) on the concrete floor, then place the wood product on the blanket or cardboard. When wood is kept in direct contact with concrete, the moisture in the concrete will be drawn up into the wood; after a period of time, the wood will rot.
  • While in use, please play the cornhole game in the way in-which it is intended – see Game Guidelines section for more details; doing otherwise may cause breakage, product alteration, or injury.